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Неколку години ја применуваат оваа диета! Тврдат дека се многу посреќни!

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Секојдневно слушаме и се информираме за најразлични режими на исхрана кои би ни помогнале да ги намалиме килограмите и ризикот од болести.

Горе долу сите диети се слични, но оваа која ја применува еден пар, се чини невозможна.

Тина Стоклас (39) од Полска и нејзиниот свршеник Симон Беун (26) пред три години одлучиле да се хранат исклучиво со овошје.

Тина ја открила овошната исхрана пред пет години откако се обидела да пости пред празник.

Потоа, две години подоцна, таа се сели на Бали за да се посвети на својата овошна исхрана подалеку од западниот стил на живот.

Кога првпат се обидела да јаде само овошје, таа веднаш забележала дека има повеќе енергија, се чувствува посреќна и задоволна, а кожата и изгледа помладо.

На Бали, таа се запознала со Симон Беун од Белгија.

Двајцата внесуваат околу 2.000 и 4.000 калории дневно а жедта ја гаснат со свежа кокосовска вода, пишува „Daily Mail“.

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This is my favorite durian in Penang so far. Interestingly, we have a little debate over what it actually is. The children of the farmer claim its Capri. Lindsay’s @durianwriter vote is Kacang Hijau (which means green bean) Easiest thing would be just to eat one with Lindsay but the tree has said its final word dropping its last durian yesterday. Its the tallest/biggest tree on the farm which could mean its older than most trees here planted in the 80’s hence the superior maturity of its durian. The flesh is white, very liquid and sticks to the seed. Taste wise its all alcohol – like a good White Russian! Ali @aliyah_pt tells me there’s plenty of Capri at Bao Sheng Durian Farm so I’ll get to taste one soon enough. Interestingly, its the one durian Lindsay doesnt like, which would make her my perfect durian eating partner! (your perfect durian eating partner is someone with opposing durian taste preference to you – each of you will happily eat what the other describes as not my durian and wont get in the way of eating your favorites) Hmm… extending that ideology, you’re perfect durian eating partner could be someone who just doesn’t like durian altogether That in mind, who is your perfect durian partner?

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Забите не ги мијат веќе две години, бидејќи овошните влакна го прават тоа наместо паста.

Како и другите овошни придобивки, тие велат дека овошјето лекува депресија и други хронични болести. Тина објасни дека нејзиниот нов начин на живот и помогнал да се доведе во ред, бидејќи предходно имала проблем со вишокот на килограми.

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Part 1 of 2 ✨ This is going to be a bit of a personal rant, inspired by one of the conversations I had with my best friend. I was trying to explain to Joanna in what ways I am different to the person she has known for 2 decades. The first thing that came to my mind is that I am FREE. Free from a voice inside my head that my made the vast majority of my life miserable. We all have these self diminishing voices in our heads whispering ‘Im not pretty enough’, ‘Im not successful enough’… Only you know what is your personal brand of ‘not-enough-ism’. Mine has always been ‘Im not thin enough’. I cannot explain to you just how much room that single thought occupied inside my head. I thought about it millions of times each day and everything I did was motivated by the need to get smaller. If only I could have used all the energy I put into dieting into something more purposeful, I could have made president of my country or done major things for humanity instead Yet since when I was pre-teen till when I was 36, my sole focus in life was getting thinner, the aggressiveness of my pursuit sharpened by the fact that the more I dieted – the more overweight I became. I engaged in periods of overeating, purging and restricting for over two decades, stuck in this evil cycle, none the wiser with each rodeo. Eventually I reached 83kg (183 lbs) at just 153cm tall (5 ft). That is 32kg or 70 lbs bigger than I am now. Not that it matters now – now that the weight is gone for good, I never even think about weight related stuff, which is why I talk about it so seldom. Whats interesting, now that my body has reached its ideal weight, my weight hasn’t changed the slightest in three years. With little to no exercise I am able to eat as much as my boyfriend – a 26yr old male – and not gain any weight! Perks of the fruitarian lifestyle? Certainly. Weight maintenance is just so easy on fruit. Did I loose weight as soon as I started eating just fruit? Absolutely not. (Continued in next post)

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Првата недела се чувствував неверојатно – лесно, оптимистично, дури и супер богато. Летав 30 сантиметри над земјата – се чинеше дека сум вљубена во сè. Првичните резултати од овошната диета ги забележав главно на менталното здравје. Решив дека повторно нема да се вратам на нормална храна. Тоа, сепак, е полесно да се каже отколку да се направи, а во првите две години честопати знаев да си зготвам нешто,- изјави Тина за „Daily Mail“.

Со нејзините 39 години таа јаде колку и нејзиниот 13 години помлад свршеник, па дури и не вежба, но не добива килограми.

Промената за Симон била значително полесна од нејзината, бидејќи тој претходно бил вегетаријанец. Ја открил оваа диета додека тренираше за маратон во последната година од колеџот.

– Бев отворен за сите видови експерименти, па почнав со овошната диета буквално преку ноќ. Се чувствував прекрасно и забележав голем напредок во трчањето – рече тој.

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After our short fling with lowianus & pulasan in Baling we headed off to Gerik with a pitstop in Pengkalan Hulu. Happy on the lowianus we were still craving juicy fruits, altho the road to Gerik provided little else than durian. Luckily, good durian as it turned out, there was just one stand that we passed on the motorbike that smelled so good that we had to turn back and try one. The generous owner sold us one and gaves us a second one for free – thank you! I was looking to film a ‘how to open a durian’ video, so was in the market for a big durian with pronounced seams but as luck would have it – both durians were tiny and pretty much seamless lol Perhaps for the better – its better that you guys know how to open a non-obvious durian too, right! Side note – I just read the comments under the video: US viewer: ‘very useful video’ Asian audience: ‘this video is for dummy. who dont know how to open?’ Just LOVE these two perspectives! Anyway, back to Gerik. The durian season hasnt quite started there yet, or its not a place for that much fruit. In the afternoon we only found one fruit stall open serving the four horsemen of the fruitarian apocalypse: apples, oranges, bananas and watermelon. Luckily, the seamless durian was not just a video prop but a great tasting one so we didnt go hungry. Back at the fruit stand I even scraped a few jeruks (my fav asian citrus) and Chippy hand-squeezed a pitcher of them for dinner. Next morning the fruit situation in Gerik was no different, so we set out direction Ipoh on an empty stomach. Believe it or not, it was 80km before we hit the first fruit stand. The terrain was breathtaking, mountainous, not unlike South Tirol, but all jungle & palm oil and totally fruitless. You should have seen us when we hovered over these mangosteens – juicy, small and intense – they had all the tell-tale signs of an old tree! They tasted like heaven as we sat under the mountainous backdrop. The owner, again so generous, cracked open a durian for us to eat, one that Chippy smelled and liked most but decided not to eat keeping it juicy in the morning ‘Here we go again!’ we laughed, cant shake ourselves free of free durian Thank you!

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Тој се запозна со Тина на „Instagram“, каде што пишува за нејзиниот нов начин на живот. Ја контактирал со порака и ја пронашол следната година на Бали, каде што се вљубиле еден во друг..

Тие се убедени дека нивната исхрана исто така лечи рак, депресија и други хронични болести. Покрај тоа, тие наведуваат дека немаат проблеми со килограми, подобро спијат и имаат енергија.

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This is happiness in a picture for me! ✨ Not exactly in Jerantut, but on the small off-roads leading into the jungle, we’ve found orang asli – the native people selling these jungle durios by the bucket. Tiny and intense Id describe them as cousins of the purple punk or our Sumatra lowianus. So freaking good they reconfirmed the status of this durio being my favorite (well, maybe a tie with durio dulcis but Id have to eat them at the same time and thats never gonna happen dulcis being only in Borneo and lack of lowianus there!) Insanely aromatic, they are like alcohol-filled pralines. Can you tell the top 2 fluo durians are of a different kind? Just before this pic was taken we dipped and meditated at a river just below, antsy to sit down to this huge monomeal of durio lowianus. Happy, happy times! . . . . #rawfood #rawvegan #durian #801010 #fruitarian #tropicalfruit #cuticutimalaysia #malaysianfood #vegantravel #foodtravel #visitmalaysia #lovetoeat #plantbasedfood #plantbaseddiet #plantpowered #vegandinner #highcarb #superfood #intermittenfasting #edrecovery #fruit #veganmeal #highcarbvegan #exoticfruit #pahang #tamannegara #jerantut

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